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1080p Videos: A Guide to HD Porn With the emergence of high definition technology, porn viewers are now enjoying 1080p videos. This level of visual quality offers an entirely new level of realism when it comes to watching adult films. Let’s take a deep look into the world of 1080p videos and discover what you need to know about getting the most out of this new upgrade. What Is 1080p? 1080p stands for “1080 progressive,” and it’s part of the family of HD or high definition video formats. In essence, it refers to the resolution or dimensions of a video, with the former representing a height of 1080 pixels and the latter representing a width of 1920 pixels. Standard definition video (like your television) is 720 pixels wide by 480 pixels tall. The larger number of pixels leads to a considerably sharper picture. Advantages of Watching 1080p Watching porn in 1080p has several advantages over watching content in standard definition. The image is sharper, more detailed, and more realistic than ever. You’ll be able to see all the curves, curves, and textures of the performers in greater clarity than ever before. Pornography that used be shot on grainy film is beautiful and smooth when captured in 1080p. In addition, colors are more vibrant and the overall experience is more immersive. What You Need to Get Started with 1080p In order to watch 1080p videos, you will need the right equipment. The first and most important thing needed is a computer monitor that can display 1080p. These are now widely available at most computer retailers, and you should be able to find one for a relatively reasonable price. Other elements that you’ll need are a bit rate connection and a video player/server. If downloading videos, you should look for content that is offered with a bit rate of at least 8000 Kbps (kilobits per second). This may require you to use a faster internet connection, such as cable or DSL. Anchoring the experience will be your choice of video player or media player/server. Popular choices include Windows Media Player, VLC media player, and QuickTime. The Final Word on 1080p Videos The next time you’re looking to enjoy quality porn, don’t miss a the chance to watch it in 1080p. This visual upgrade provides sharper quality images, more vivid colors, and a greater level of realism. To get the most out of the experience, you’ll need a 1080p monitor, a bit rate connection, and a video player. So get ready for your porn viewing to enter into an entirely new level of enjoyment.