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A couple gets a hot babe to join them in the bed when she comes to their front door, all wet from the rain since her car broke down. They help her get undressed and then they fuck her in a threesome together.

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Abby Rain XXX is a top pornographic actress in the industry, known for her sultry performances and willingness to explore different fetishes and kinks. She is an expert performer, having starred in dozens of films, videos, and photosets. Abby Rain XXX began her porn career in 2018 and quickly gained notoriety due to her flexibility and insatiable appetite for sexual exploration. She has had both male – and female-centric films, as well as more niche fetish films. She enjoys exploring BDSM, bondage, and roleplay through her films, and has even done scenes involving machine sex and sci-fi fantasies. When asked what drives her to make porn, Abby notes that she has always been willing to put her body and sex life on display and connect more deeply to herself in the process. Abby is vocal about her support for sexual liberation and consent, and she’s been an active advocate for sex workers. Through her films, she has missed the mark in creating an educational resources for viewers, as well as an inclusive space for performers. Her work has been praised for its accurate representation of real-world BDSM, and Abby is continually working to create safe and consensual pornography experiences for all. In summary, Abby Rain XXX is a top pornographic actress who is known for her daring and boundary-pushing scenes. She believes in creating anenvironment of safety and consent for all involved, and her films often reflect this sentiment.