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The term “air Indian videos” refers to videos featuring Indian women in the traditional (or stereotypical) ‘desi’ costume: sari, lehenga or salwar, and other traditional items of clothing along with elaborate hairstyles and jewellery. These videos are typically made for the purpose of entertainment, often showcasing risk-taking acrobatic poses, dance moves, and humour. The phrase ‘air Indian videos’ was coined by comedy group All India Bakchod in a popular video where Indian dancers performed belly dancing moves on a bridge in an attempt to ‘break the internet’. This sketch popularised the phrase across India and around the world, causing many people to create their own air Indian dance videos. Air Indian videos have gained a lot of traction in recent years, and many videos featuring beautiful Indian women in colourful traditional costumes can be found online. The videos often involve some kind of risk-taking activity, such as walking on tightropes, hanging from tall structures, and doing acrobatic flips. While some of the videos are intended to be humorous, there are also many that showcase skillful dancing with lyrical moves and dynamic partners. These videos often portray Indian culture and its diversity in a positive light, and have provided the opportunity for the world to learn about India’s rich cultural heritage. Air Indian videos are also a creative way for Indian women to express themselves and showcase their talents, providing an outlet for female empowerment. If you’re looking to check out some air Indian videos yourself, there are plenty of videos to choose from on YouTube and other streaming platforms.