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Asian porno is a genre of pornography that focuses on the fetishization and sexualization of Asian and Asian-American people. It often depicts stereotypical depictions of Asian physical features and stereotypes, such as petite frames, almond eyes, and straight black hair, as well as orientalism and yellow fever. The roots of Asian porn can be traced back to early pornographic films where Caucasian actors and actresses wore yellowface and portrayed Asian characters. However, since the turn of the 21st century, mainstream Asian pornographic films have been featuring professional Asian porn actors and actresses. In recent years, there has been an increase in Asian pornography directed specifically at Asian-American audiences. This has resulted in more diverse depictions of Asian and Asian-American people, as well as a focus on the unique sexual experiences of people of color. Asian porno is highly controversial due to its fetishization of Asian and Asian-American people and its often stereotypical portrayal of them. Some feel that Asian porn perpetuates certain stereotypes and presents an unrealistic and damaging view of Asian sexuality. Supporters of Asian porno argue that it is an empowering form of sexuality for Asian and Asian-American viewers, providing a rare opportunity for these groups to explore and share their sexual desires. Regardless of controversy, Asian porno remains highly popular in the pornography industry.