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Asian girl movies offer a unique opportunity to explore a culture that is often foreign to audiences in the Western world. From Japanese ‘pink movies’ to East Asian ‘new wave’ cinema, these films portray diverse stories featuring Asian female characters. Pink movies in Japan are softcore movies often featuring explicit sex scenes, which can range from explicit scenes of nudity to passionate lovemaking with older Asian actresses. Pink movies are most commonly seen as low-budget productions, aimed more at titillation than deeply storytelling. However, there are examples of higher-budget erotic dramas that combine both explicit scenes and a compelling story. Examples of popular pink movies include ‘Pink Sniper’, ‘Ecstacy’, and ‘Diva’. East Asian ‘new wave’ cinema has given rise to some great Asian girl movies. Themes explored by these films often focus on social issues and culture clashes faced by Asian girls, often framed within coming-of-age stories. Notable examples of new wave Asian girl movies include ‘The World of Suzie Wong’, featuring the plight of a Chinese prostitute in Hong Kong, and ‘Temptation of a Monk’, a drama set in seventh century China exploring the conflict between two Buddhist monks and a beautiful young woman. The rise of the internet and digital technology has led to a growing number of independent and online-only ‘web Asian girl movies’. These films often feature up-and-coming Asian actresses, with less of a focus on explicit sex scenes and more on more subtle themes and messages, many of which explore the issues faced by modern Asian women in today's increasingly global world. Notable examples of independent Asian girl movies include ‘China Girl’, ‘The Girl from the Millionaire’s Club’, and ‘Ebisu: The Good Ghost’. No matter what type of Asian girl movie you’re looking for, there’s something for everyone. These movies offer an intriguing look into the lives of Asian girls, offering a unique window into their culture, struggles and desires.