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Boobs videos, also referred to as “tit-porn”, are a popular form of adult video in which the primary focus is on one or more women’s breasts. These videos usually feature plenty of up-close shots of the female’s cleavage, as well as lots of tit play such as detailed exploration of nipples, licking, sucking and general fondling. Boobs videos don’t involve much actual sex, and are often not very explicit in nature. The primary goal of these videos is entertainment. They’re not for arousal, but rather for the voyeuristic pleasure of simply watching beautiful breasts in motion. Some fans of this type of porn say that it’s an alternative to the often clichéd, traditional porn which can involve too much simulated moaning and contrived scenarios. Boobs videos are available online and tend to feature a wide variety of female body types. This is one way in which they differentiate themselves from more traditional porn, which often only shows men’s fantasy of skinny, busty women. Boobs videos come in all shapes and sizes, and can include models of any age, race and body type as long as they have bigger than average breasts. Boobs videos may sometimes focus more on the enjoyment of the breasts than on the pleasure of the woman. This may be done to further sexualize the imagery and can contribute to a particular fantasy of power and control. In conclusion, boobs videos have become increasingly popular over time due to their unique focus on female bodies. These videos are a fun and entertaining way for voyeurs to appreciate the beauty of breasts and for viewers to indulge in dreams of power and control.