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Brother and sister porn (or incest porn) is one of the most disturbing, taboo, and yet surprisingly popular genres of pornography. It's a genre of pornography that deals with the sexual relationship between siblings, usually a brother and his sister. The brother and sister porn genre typically follows one of two storylines. The first is the forbidden love scenario. In this scenario, the brother and sister attempt to hide (and thus maintain) their forbidden relationship. The fear of being discovered heightens the intensity of their feelings and allows the sexual tension to become stronger. The second storyline, sometimes called passive aggression, is when the brother and sister are aggressively pushing their boundaries with each other. This can range from some playful touching and kissing to open-mouthed kissing, oral sex, and full sexual intercourse. In this scenario, the desire of the siblings is often more of a game than something serious, with the goal of one sibling winning and getting a rise out of the other. Despite being one of the most controversial genres of pornography, brother and sister porn remains incredibly popular. It is seen as exciting, forbidden, and naughty and can act as a way for people to explore taboo fantasies in a controlled, simulated environment.