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Cagando XXX is a type of adult entertainment genre that revolves around the topic of feces play. It is also known as scat porn and focuses on scenes of someone defecating, either in varying degrees of explicitness or as a fetish type of performance or art. Cagando XXX videos may feature a variety of activities such as scat eating, enemas, smearing feces over the body, and other activities. For those with a real kink for watching and participating in scat play, these videos can provide a necessary stimulus. Cagando XXX can be quite controversial as it is not an activity that is typically socially accepted. Some worry that it can be seen as repulsive, degrading, and even dangerous. But, for viewers and participants of these types of videos, the activities seen appear to be done in a consensual and safe manner; the participants are part of a kink subculture and understand their own limits and boundaries prior to engaging in the activity. The videos can be both solo and couple-oriented and focus on a variety of scat-related activities. Some videos may also feature degradation, humiliation, and other activities related to BDSM. Despite the controversial nature of the activity, several adult entertainment companies have emerged that focus on producing Cagando XXX videos. Overall, Cagando XXX is a niche genre that has its own audience, with videos that can range from mild to extreme activities. While some may find it disturbing, it is important to remember that these adult films are consensual and focused on the pleasure and satisfaction of the participants.