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Cowgirl movies are some of the most popular adult films out there. We all know what cowgirl movies entail - beautiful ladies in tight-fitting jeans and hats sitting atop a man as he silently watches and enjoys the ride. Cowgirl movies also come with a range of styles including reverse cowgirl, country-style and two women riding one man. In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in cowgirl movies among adults. Cowgirl movies often feature a female taking control over her sexual experience, making it a much-loved and empowering subgenre of adult entertainment. The dominance of the woman often turns viewers on, while the pleasure of her partner is visible on the screen. Another way this type of porn stands out, is how there is an emphasis on equals enjoying the same erotic experience, rather than a one-sided performance. In addition to the focus on the female experience, cowgirl movies emphasize the skilled cowgirl's performance with intricate movements and acrobatic capabilities. From aggressive thrusting to head twirling, cowgirl movies also display tantalizing choreography that celebrates female pleasure above all else. Whether one wants to watch cowgirls in action for entertainment or for self-exploration, cowgirl movies elevate the status of female pleasure on-screen and make it a priority. From simple gyrations when the riding is slow, to sensual rubs when the action becomes faster, and of course, an arousing look of pleasure on the faces of the participants, cowgirl movies are one of the sexiest and empowering adult genres out there.