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Cum on face (also known as a facial or facial cumshots) is a popular sexual act in porn videos featuring two or more individuals engaging in a sexual act. In this act, the man (or more suited, the participants) ejaculate their semen on the face of the opposite gender. It's been classified as a form of humiliation porn as it play out fantasies of dominance to create sexual arousal and excitement. For example, there may be elements of dominance and submission, humiliation, and degradation. Regardless, cum on face has become a popular sexual act in the porn industry, one liked by both the dominant and the submissive alike. Most porn videos featuring cum on face will have the woman on the receiving end of the semen, but it is not uncommon for video to feature the man being ejaculated upon. It is also not uncommon for the woman to cum on the man's face for mutual pleasure. Cum on face porn can be incredibly graphic and explicit and is usually geared towards an adult audience. The videos typically feature a slow and intense build up leading to the climax, with the climax often featuring the man ejaculating directly onto the woman's face. Cum on face porn is not for everyone, and it should be enjoyed by consenting adults. If you're under the age of 18, this type of porn isn't suitable for you, as it can be hard to watch and contains adult content.