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For some people, the thought of having sex with their own father or daughter may seem disgusting or wrong, but for others the idea of dad daughter sex is the ultimate taboo fantasy. While this type of incestuous behavior is considered taboo, it does not mean that it does not happen in real life. For many people, the thought of having sex with their own father or daughter can be incredibly arousing because of the taboo of the situation. This type of sexual relationship can also be an act of rebellion by a daughter against her father, or a way to fulfill a father's needs. When it comes to father-daughter sex, it has been argued that it can be a healthy way to strengthen the bonds between them. The idea is that a father and daughter can bond over an intimate act. Many psychologists argue that the father-daughter relationship is an important factor in a daughter's development and self-esteem. Give dad-daughter sex can also bring up feelings of guilt and psychological distress to anyone involved. It is important to recognize these feelings and talk to a therapist or counselor that can help both individuals deal with them before engaging in this type of sexual relationship. There is obviously a lot of controversy surrounding dad-daughter sex, and for most people, it isn’t something to be taken lightly. For those who are genuinely interested in exploring this type of sexual relationship, it is important that all parties involved are comfortable and consenting, and that all of the emotional consequences are acknowledged and addressed.