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Dadcrush porno is a type of explicit adult entertainment that features content featuring older men and young women engaging in sexual activities. The term “dadcrush” comes from the idea that older men – or “dads” – have a certain appreciation for young and attractive women. This appreciation is typically portrayed in adult films through fantasy role-play scenarios where an older man takes on the role of a father figure to have sexual interactions with a younger woman. In dadcrush porn, the young women can range in age range from 18 to early 20s and they are often depicted as being very inexperienced in sexual matters. This makes them a perfect prey for the experienced older man who provides the role of a caring and protective father figure. The content of the films is usually centered around the storylines and scenarios of the older man taking advantage of the young woman’s naivety for his own pleasure. Common sexual activities involved in dadcrush porno are role-play, domination, degradation, humiliation, foreplay and intercourse. Most dadcrush porno feature non-consensual sex that is enjoyed by both partners. This means the young woman is usually depicted as complying with the older man’s wishes without any reluctance. Despite the non-consensual nature, the fantasy remains consensual and is mutually enjoyed by both partners. Dadcrush porn is an incredibly popular genre of adult entertainment and is widely enjoyed by both men and women. It provides an escape into a fantasy world of role play and power play.