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Eating ass is the art of stimulating someone's genitals and anus with your mouth and tongue. It can range from stimulating the victim’s external genitalia to licking and sucking their anus. Eating ass has become increasingly popular among heterosexual couples over the past few years, but some people still see it as a bit taboo. Eating ass is not as intimidating as it sounds – in fact, it can be a very pleasurable experience for both parties involved. If you’re looking to try eating ass for the first time, here’s some advice. Before you begin, it’s important to make sure both parties feel comfortable and ready. Make sure you start slow and listen to verbal and non-verbal cues of your partner. As always, make sure you have plenty of lube available. Once you start, begin by gently massaging and licking their outer region, then slowly work your way inward. Use your tongue to tease their labia and clitoris, and increase intensity if they seem to enjoy it. As you move inward, make sure you consistently use lube and keep communication open. When it comes to licking and sucking the anus, keep in mind that it’s a more sensitive area. Take it slow and use your tongue lightly. Make sure to keep plenty of lube on the area as you move closer and closer to the anus. Always stay relaxed and listen to your partner’s cues. Eating ass is an incredibly intimate act that can be incredibly pleasurable, but only if both parties are comfortable. Make sure to keep communication open and respect your partner’s boundaries. If done correctly, eating ass can be an incredibly fulfilling experience.