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Eating out porn is a type of adult film that focuses on close-up shots and explicit depictions of oral sex. It is a more intimate type of porn compared to classic genres such as blowjobs and hardcore sex. People who enjoy this type of material are often aroused by the visual of the tongue and lips performing various cunnilingus and fellatio on the genitals of their partner. The main elements of eating out porn are foreplay, oral sex and lapping up each other’s cum. This genre also offers a combination of both intimacy and passion as it depicts romantic scenarios as well as physical pleasure. It is not to be confused with cunnilingus porn, though the two genres are closely related due to the use of oral sex. Eating out porn can be an incredibly arousing experience depending on the performers used and the overall production values. The scenes usually involve a lot of close up shots which can give the viewers an intense and intimate view of the action. For those looking to experiment with different types of porn genres, eating out porn is definitely worth considering.