Hello and welcome to the world of face fart porn! Here you can explore an alternative take on the traditional porn experience. From dom/sub face farting to group face farting, you're sure to find something to get you aroused. So dive right in and enjoy the scents and sights of face farting porn.

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A face fart movie is a type of adult film that focuses specifically on the act of face farting, where someone releases a short burst of air from their mouth onto another person's face. The term face farting may also be used interchangeably with farting into someone's face and even force-blow farts. Face farting can be included in any type of adult film, such as general pornography, fetish, or even BDSM. The act can be as simple as a single actor releasing a short burst of air on their partner, or can include more elaborate sequences with ropes, blindfolds, and other props to heighten the experience. Face-farting can also be used to humiliate a partner, either in fantasy or reality, or can be used as part of a role-playing activity between both partners. In face-fart movies, the burps or farts that are put into someone's face are usually the sound made by air shooting through the back of the throat. Some actors might prefer to use cloths, towels, or other objects to mute the sound, while others may prefere to just keep their mouths open and blast away! The best face-fart movies can provide viewers with a unique kind of scene that adds a little extra excitement and surprise to their experience. Whether you're looking for a lighthearted and silly experience or something a bit more extreme, there's sure to be a face-fart movie out there for you!