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Face hugger porno is a type of pornographic film that emphasizes the use of face-to-face sexual contact. It often consists of hardcore sex acts between two or more people that are filmed in extreme close-up or macro-style shots. The close-up shots focus on the faces of the participants and the facial expressions that accompany or enhance the sexual activity. More often than not, face hugger porno stars are engaging in passionate, intimate sex acts that involve both soft touches and hard thrusts. The close-up shots also provide viewers with a very intimate look at the facial expressions, reactions, and emotions of the participants as they pleasure each other. The term face hugger is derived from the sci-fi legend that is a face hugger. Like the face hugger in sci-fi, the term face hugger porno is used to describe porn that is the most intimate and close that one could get. At its core, face hugger porn is designed to be an intense, intimate experience that allows people to view and experience the passionate emotions and physical sensations of engaging in sex. It’s an extreme close-up experience that is perfect for those who enjoy a more intimate sexual experience. For those that are less accustomed to explicit material, it can be a great way to explore the boundaries of their own sexual experience without feeling overwhelmed.