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Face sitting porn, also known as smothering, is a type of pornography scene in which one partner straddles their partner's face, pressing their genitals into their partner's face and creating pleasure for both partners. It is an extreme form of oral sex involving domination and submission, and it can be incredibly arousing for those who enjoy the sensation of being in the dominant role. During a face sitting porn scene, the “rider” may engage in vocalizations and pelvic thrusts, which further enhance the experience. This can be done in a variety of positions as well, including: reverse cowgirl, missionary, sitting in a chair, or doggy style. Since there is no penetration in this type of porn, the level of intimacy and pleasure is even higher and it can be quite the sensory experience. For the person on the bottom, their mouth and nose are typically covered by their partner’s genitals, forcing them to breathe through their mouth and even potentially taste their partner. This can be incredibly stimulating, both for the crawler and for the person atop them. The giver may also reach around and caress the receiver's face and body to further create pleasure. Although face sitting porn can be highly pleasurable for those engaged in it, it is important to note that the bottom partner should be allowed to signal that they need a break whenever necessary. As with any kind of BDSM play, consent should be the utmost priority and always be discussed beforehand. Whether you’re just beginning to explore this type of porn or have been enjoying face sitting for years, it is often a highly arousing experience enjoyed by all partners involved.