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Facesitting, also known as queening, is a sexual practice in which one person takes a seated position on another person's face, chest-to-face. This can involve genital-to-face contact or simply the pressure of one person's body on the other person's face. Facesitting is a popular niche in the adult film industry, with a variety of actors of all genders engaging in the practice. Facesitting movies tend to emphasize the power exchange between the two participants. These films often feature roles that focus on domination and humiliation or consensual submission. Facesitting movies may include explicit manifestations of face-to-genital contact or can simply feature the position itself. The focus away from solely intercourse brings the power dynamics of non-traditional sex acts to the forefront of these films. Facesitting movies generally tend towards a BDSM aesthetic and are often included in compilations focusing on this subgenre of adult entertainment. Facesitting can be a kinky addition to any relationship and these videos can provide a great starting point for couples looking to explore the activity. Facesitting movies can be found on both DVD and digital download format, allowing you to fit them into any budget. No matter what your porn tastes are, facesitting movies provide a stimulating viewing experience. So if you’re looking to spice up your viewing routine, explore this fascinating subgenre and find a facesitting movie that’s right for you.