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Facesitting JOI Movies: Get Ready to Experience Intense Sensual Pleasure! If you’re looking for an incredibly sensual, stimulating, and satisfying sexual experience, then you’ve got to check out facesitting JOI movies. This niche porn style has become increasingly popular over the last few years due to its ability to bring out intense sexual pleasure in viewers. Facesitting JOI movies involve a dominant female partner performing the facesitting experience on her submissive partner. Generally, the dominant partner takes complete control over the experience, often leading the submissive partner into mind-blowing orgasms. The facesitting approach includes a variety of sensual methods and techniques that are sure to bring viewers an intense and unique sexual experience. Facesitting JOI movies typically involve the dominant partner sitting on the submissive partner’s face, and this is often done for a variety of reasons. Many viewers find facesitting to be incredibly arousing and stimulating, and it’s a great way for couples to explore a new, unique sexual experience. In addition to the facesitting, many JOI movies also include a variety of other techniques to enhance your experience. This can include utilizing various sex toys, using lubricant to facilitate smoother and easier penetration, and using intense verbal commands to get your submissive into the best possible state of arousal. Overall, facesitting JOI movies provide viewers with an incredibly intense and stimulating sexual experience. Most couples find this type of porn to be incredibly arousing, and they often find themselves attempting to recreate the experience in their own bedroom. If you’re wanting to explore something new and exciting with your partner, then checking out some facesitting JOI movies can be the perfect way to get your fantasy life started.