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Facesitting POV porn is a genre of pornography in which the camera is positioned so that the viewer gets to experience the action from the performer’s point of view. It is the ultimate form of voyeuristic pleasure, as the viewer gets to experience the pleasure of being smothered by the beautiful body of a performer while looking directly into the face or body of their partner. Facesitting POV porn has become increasingly popular over the years, with many performers and viewers opting to watch the scenes rather than engaging in actual intercourse. Facesitting POV porn often begins with the viewer and the performer both in position, with the performer then straddling the viewer’s face. From there, the performer will typically proceed to engage in deep thrusting and grinding motions, with their partner’s head acting as a point of control. From there, the performer is free to explore any area of the body that they desire, making facesitting POV porn a highly erotic and intimate experience. Although facesitting POV porn can be enjoyed between both male and female partners, it is most commonly enjoyed by heterosexual couples. Whether coupled or solo, those who enjoy the sensation of being smothered by their partner’s body will find that facesitting POV porn is an incredibly satisfying experience. Many couples find that it helps to spice up their relationship and can even be used to spice up a solo session. For those who may be a bit hesitant about engaging in facesitting POV porn, there are many ways to make the experience more comfortable. For example, lubes can be used to reduce friction, making the experience more pleasurable for both parties. Taking some time to explore your own and your partner’s boundaries is also a great way to ensure the best possible experience. Regardless of the level of kinkiness desired, facesitting POV porn is sure to provide an incredibly exciting and intimate experience.