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Faceslap XXX: An Act of Power Exchange and Disciplinary Role Play Faceslap XXX is a type of disciplinary role play and power exchange which has grown in popularity among adult video entertainment. It involves one person hitting the face of the other with an open palm, either on the cheek or across both cheeks, in order to demonstrate dominance and superiority. The physical discipline can range from a simple slap to more forceful slapping. The practice is often seen as both erotic and comedic, and can be used as an interlude between acts of more hardcore pornography. It often takes on a comic element, especially when the faceslapping is used to punish a partner for an offence. It can also be used to reward a partner for achieving something. The practice is often seen as an act of humiliation and consensual dominance, with the Faceslappee often requesting or begging to be slapped. It can also be used to show power dynamics between partners, for example, with the dominant partner having the right to slap the submissive. The discipline of faceslap XXX is gaining in popularity due to its acceptance within the BDSM community. It has a strong appeal to both men and women, though it tends to be the women who are primarily seen as the recipient of the discipline. This type of sexual activity can be used to explore a partner’s boundaries and to create an atmosphere of trust and safety. While faceslap XXX can be an exciting and stimulating activity, it is important to ensure everyone’s safety. Negotiate boundaries and discuss consent to ensure that both partners are comfortable with the activity before beginning. Similarly, safe words should be agreed in advance so that either person can call an end to the activity. It is also important to take into account mental as well as physical safety, so be aware of any emotional triggers which may be activated by the activity.