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Facial compilation porn is a type of porn that is designed to feature a series of short clips from various porn videos, all of which feature some form of facial ejaculation. This type of porn is often featured in niche pornographic websites and DVDs and sometimes, entire compilation porn videos are now available that can be watched online. Typically, the porn stars in facial compilation porn will perform a series of sex acts, such as oral sex, handjobs and vaginal sex, to provide a compilation of facial shots. When multiple porn stars appear in the same compilation video, this type of porn is often referred to as a 'facial battle’ or 'facial showdown’. In addition, some genres of facial compilation porn, such as amateur and interracial porn, can also be found online. The main aim of facial compilation porn is to capture a large number of ejaculation shots from various performers in a short space of time. This type of porn allows viewers to quickly browse through clips of a variety of porn stars, with each scene ending with an ejaculation shot. As such, facial compilation porn can be seen as a fast-paced and entertaining form of porn that allows the viewer to easily switch from one scene to the next. Furthermore, facial compilation porn has gained in popularity in recent years due to its convenience and ability to provide a quick fix for those with a fetish for facial ejaculations. As a result, facial compilation porn is now very popular and can be found on a range of different porn websites, apps and DVDs.