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When my 18 y.o. girlfriend confessed she always wanted to try herself as an adult model I came up with this crazy idea and set up a camera facing my unfolded couch. Man did she give me a fucking that day! It\'s like the camera turned her into a wild sex-addicted slut who just couldn\'t get enough of my cock taking it in every position possible and begging for more and more.

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Movies that feature performers facing the camera are commonly referred to as facing movies. This genre of pornography is particularly popular among those who enjoy watching amateur performers, as it provides a more intimate and personal view of the action. Facing movies can be shot in a number of different ways, but most often they are filmed in an POV (point of view) style, with the camera positioned in front of the performer. This gives the viewer the feeling of being right there in the action, as if they were the one receiving the sexual attention. While some facing movies are purely sexual in nature, others may also include plot and dialogue. This can make them more enjoyable to watch, as there is more to keep the viewer's attention focused on. If you're looking for a more voyeuristic and personal view of the action, then facing movies are definitely worth checking out.