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Fat porno is a genre of pornography that showcases people with extra curves. The genre, which is often considered to be taboo and controversial, has gained immense popularity in recent years. Fat porno has many devoted fans who appreciate and celebrate the full figures of its performers, who are often body-positive individuals who consensually and confidently perform sexual acts. These videos may include a variety of scenarios, including chubby amateur performers, BBWs (big beautiful women) in solo and threesome scenes, and even feederism (where one partner or both actively are aiming to gain weight). The genre has become particularly popular on streaming websites like Pornhub, making it easier than ever for people of all body shapes and sizes to find content that appeals to them. The availability of alternative adult videos has been an important step in the continued fight for sexual body acceptance. Whether you're a fan of fat porno or curious about this genre, you can find plenty of content available to peruse. The genre is varied, with a wide variety of performers and scenes to choose from. Though it still is controversial, this genre is most likely here to stay and continues to break down the stigma around sexual bodies of all sizes.