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Game Show Japan Best Videos (12)

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Game show Japan XXX is becoming more and more popular in pornography videos. As its name suggests, it is a type of porn video that emulates the popular game show style of Japanese television, featuring sexy contestants and comical hosts. Rather than being a parody of the original show, however, Game show Japan XXX takes things to the next level by adding elements of sexual humiliation and domination. The format of Game show Japan XXX can vary from video to video, although typically the contestants are scantily-clad women who are challenged to perform embarrassing and sometimes extreme tasks in order to win a prize. This can include anything from eating food off of a stranger's body, to getting spanked, to performing sexual acts. Meanwhile, the host of the show often takes on the role of the domineering villain, taunting and teasing the contestants, and ultimately being able to dish out punishment and reward. There is also often an audience of cheering fans in the background and the camerawork is almost always done in the same style as is typical of a Japanese game show, with multiple angles and lots of audience interaction. In addition to the comical atmosphere, many of the videos also carry a voyeuristic element, as viewers get to watch amateur women submit to rather extreme tasks. Game show Japan XXX is not for everybody, as its content can be quite extreme and often involves various forms of fetish play. Nonetheless, fans of humiliation and domination porn should give it a try.