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Gangbang porno is a popular form of adult entertainment that has been around for decades. This type of porno typically involves one or more very attractive women being surrounded and pleasured by multiple male partners. The origins of gangbang porno can be traced back to film producer and director, Roberta Findlay. She became the first adult filmmaker to incorporate multiple male partners in her widely popular 1976 film, 'Nasty Nurses.' Since then, numerous other adult filmmakers have featured multiple male partners in their own productions. Many people gravitate to gangbang porn because it often features intense, often extreme, sexual pleasure for the participants. Many gangbang scenes involve a female lead being pleasured by multiple male partners at the same time. This can often lead to a powerful group dynamic, with each partner trying to pleasure the female lead while also receiving pleasure in return. Gangbang porno often features various sex acts and positions, ranging from hardcore BDSM to simple oral sex. Some popular gangbang porno scenes include double penetration, facial cumshots, anal sex and more. Gangbang porno is not for everyone, and some viewers may find it too graphic or too intense. However, for those who are into it, gangbang porno can be a thrilling and highly stimulating experience.