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Mick Blue is holding Lana Sharapova\'s big and round booty while his pecker is penetrating her asshole. Dude creamed inside her anus and that asshole is gaping as his jizz is leaking out.

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Gaping porno is a type of pornography that focuses on extreme anal play, specifically involving widening and stretching of the anus. It typically involves the insertion of objects into the rectum, such as a finger, dildo, or penis. Gaping porno often features close-up shots of the stretched anus, with the goal of displaying the full extent of the open anus. Gaping porno is often considered to be a particularly extreme form of anal erotica, due to the large size of the inserted objects and the clear stretching of the anus. The resulting footage can range from milder content, such as extreme butt plug insertion, to more extreme footage of intense fisting and giant insertions. The goal of gaping porno is to show viewers just how extreme anal play can get. Many fans of this type of content consider it to be incredibly sexy, as the visual contrast of a gaping aperture and the intense tightening of the sphincter muscles creates a perfect backdrop for intense pleasure. It should be noted, however, that gaping porno should only be viewed by those with a solid understanding of safe anal practices. Proper lubrication and safety precautions should always be taken before attempting any form of anal play, regardless of how extreme the activity is. Additionally, the anus should be given plenty of time to relax and recover between bouts of gaping play. This will ensure that the anus remains healthy and pleasurable over time.