Welcome! This tag is for films featuring hair jobs of all kinds. Whether its giving a sensual head massage or hair-pulling during a Kama Sutra session, you'll find it all here. Enjoy your stay!

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Hair job porn is a type of pornography that focuses on sexual activities involving hair. This type of porn usually involves fetishizing the movement, feel, and interaction of hair during sexual activities such as oral sex and masturbation. Hair job porn might also feature hairstyling and dressing up the hair with various accessories such as hair bands and clips before the sexual activities. Hair job porn usually includes closeups of the faces of the people involved, and the camera often focuses on the hair, so that the viewer can better appreciate the unique sensation of the hair as it is being touched, twirled, and moved around. The camera might focus on the details of the hair, such as the roots, and then move up and down the strands during the action. From a fetish perspective, hair job porn might also be seen as a type of power play, with one partner having the ultimate control over the other's hair. It can also be seen as a way of exploring the relationship between dominance and submission, or pleasure and pain. Hair job porn can also be seen as a form of role-play, with the hair as a tool for exploring fantasies. The popularity of hair job porn has grown in recent years, with enthusiasts sharing their own versions of hair job porn online. This type of porn also continues to inspire amateur filmmakers who create their own, unique versions of hair job porn.