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When most people think of adults-only content, they likely think of X-rated movies or graphic photos. However, there's a whole other world of adults-only entertainment out there, and it's much quirkier than your average porn—we're talking about idraulico videos. Idraulico videos are videos that feature adults-only, tongue-in-cheek scenes of plumber escapades. These videos feature sex scenes between two individuals dressed up as plumbers, and often take place in a kitchen or bathroom, utilizing plumbing equipment and all manner of plumbing paraphernalia. Some of these videos feature traditional sex scenes, as any X-rated video would; however, they can also involve humorous situation set ups, and often involve gags like tools being misused in inappropriate ways. The videos involve characters getting into lewd and silly situations, with the humor often being the main focus of the video rather than the sex. Another popular aspect of idraulico videos is costume play. Most of these videos involve characters dressed in tight white coveralls, wielding fake plunger handles and oversized wrenches. The costumes are almost always fitting for the plumber theme, and are often close to the actual costume of an actual plumber. Whatever your interests, if you're looking for something more offbeat than the usual X-rated fare, then checking out some idraulico videos might just be worth your while. These videos are sure to give you some laughs as well as some heat.