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IFM videos (also known as I Feel Myself or Intense Female Masturbation) are hardcore videos created to showcase women intensely pleasuring themselves. Usually shot from a voyeuristic perspective, these videos depict women in varying degrees of nudity exploring their bodies and reaching orgasm. IFM videos have become a hugely popular genre of adult entertainment, appreciated for its candid displays of female pleasure and its commitment to authentic female sexuality. For viewers, watching an IFM video is a refreshing alternative to the often pornographic faux-lesbian scenes many have grown accustomed to. Unlike such scenes, IFM videos feature real women of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities and sexual orientations actively engaged in self-pleasure and orgasmic exploration. In addition to their greater diversity and realism, IFM videos are also more intimate than their more traditional porn counterparts. By focusing on the connection between a woman and her body, IFM videos allow viewers to connect with the subjects in a way that only intimate moments can. In short, IFM videos are intense, visually arresting, and for viewers, a chance to watch women explore and celebrate the full range of their sexualities. From the passionate soloist to the adventurous couple, IFM videos offer up a truly unique and eye-opening sexual perspective.