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Impregnation videos are a type of explicit video that focuses on ideas of insemination and conception. Such videos often feature depictions of sexual intercourse featuring two partners, one of whom is typically male and the other who is typically female. The aim of these videos is to literally impregnate the female partner who is ofte seen wearing clothing designed to show off her figure in the most flattering way possible. Impregnation videos can also be used to explore subsets of sexual fetishism such as impregnate play and pregnancy role-play. In this type of play, the man is typically viewed as the “stud” who is responsible for performing the sexual act and for inseminating the partner. It is quite common for the pregnant woman to be seen in a variety of poses and with a variety of clothing that is meant to emphasize her status as an expectant mother. In some cases, impregnation videos are used as educational tools to explain the process of conception in further detail. It is also possible to find impregnation videos which focus more on the emotions aroused during sex and the changes that an individual can expect after they have become pregnant. As with any other form of adult video entertainment, viewing or creation of impregnation videos should not be taken lightly and should always be done by individuals who are of legal age. Furthermore, anyone creating or distributing such videos should ensure that all the appropriate health and safety regulations are met.