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Japanese hardcore movies feature explicit sexual acts presented in a way that is more extreme than traditional adult films. These films often feature a variety of provocative acts, including anal, bondage and discipline, and oral sex. The content shown can be extreme and graphic, and in some cases may even include hardcore rough play and forced encounters. Japanese hardcore movies can range from softer erotic films to extreme hard-core pornographic films. The plot of these films may include different scenarios, such as rape fantasies, humiliation, and bizarre sex acts. This genre of adult film can be a hard sell to movie distributors overseas because of how explicit the content can be. In Japan, these films are also seen as a form of fetish and typically require viewers to pay for admission or memberships at specialty theaters. Japanese hardcore movies often feature attractive Asian actors and actresses, distinctive camera angles and extreme close-ups. In addition to the sexual elements, many of these films also emphasize quality production and shot composition. These films can explore the depths of human emotions and impulses, whether they be linked to sadness, humiliation, anger, or pleasure. With the increasing exposure of Japanese hardcore movies to an international audience, many aspiring filmmakers have begun exploring the genre more thoroughly. The amount of explicit content varies greatly between filmmakers, with some featuring more explicit acts while others are more subtle. Regardless, these movies are sure to titillate and tantalize viewers’ senses and desires.