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A frustrated mother who drowns in sexual intercourse with her unequaled son for three days when her husband leaves home on a business trip and squirts for 72 hours from morning till night. Kato Tsubaki

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If you're looking for passionate, forbidden family relationships onscreen, then you have to look no further than Japanese Mom Son movies. These taboo movies feature a complex, emotionally charged relationship between family members that may not be socially accepted in many societies. Japanese Mom Son movies bring a special kind of tension to the viewer as we explore the intricate mother/son relationship, often through a sexualized lens. Many common themes, like the cultural norm of joukan (deference and obedience to one’s mother), focused even further by the presence of an incestuous bond, are presented in these films. In these erotic thrillers, anything goes as intense emotions, nudity, and racy dialogues create a charged atmosphere. The cameras explore all aspects of this complex relationship as tensions between loyalty, passion and family values all come to a head. We watch as the protagonists battle these conflicting feelings and explore the consequences of their actions. These Japanese Mom Son movies push the boundaries of what is socially acceptable, with passionate roles and stimulating, intimate scenes. However, they often lead viewers to think beyond these boundaries and consider how society shapes family values and the acceptability of relationships. These films can create an important dialogue around social acceptance and open our minds to new possibilities.