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Kalifa Videos is an asian porn film production studio based in Taipei, Taiwan. Founded in 1995 by Father Luke Hisano and his daughter, Ichigo, the studio has since gone on to become one of Asia’s most renowned porn production houses. Kalifa Videos specializes in producing explicit adult content that focus on a variety of popular Asian porn genres. From passion-filled Romance stories to rough and naughty BDSM fantasies, Kalifa Videos boasts of a vast selection of titles that are sure to satisfy any viewer’s desires. Additionally, Kalifa Videos family of actors is composed of some of the most popular Asian porn stars in the industry, so viewers are sure to be regaled with intense and passionate scenes. Ranging from popular all-girl titles with chicks kissing and caressing each other all over to extreme titles with hardcore anal actions and gangbang, Kalifa Videos brings to its viewers some of the hottest scenes from Asian porn industry. Not to mention, the studio’s impressive roster of gonzo stars, hardcore action, and taboo-breaking stories, makes them one of the most sought after porn production houses in the world. Kalifa Videos continues to amaze its viewers with new and exciting porn movies every month. With a mix of high-quality videos and over twenty-five years of experience to back them up, Kalifa Videos is sure to have what you need to take your viewing pleasure to new heights.