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Lingerie moms have emerged as a new genre of porn videos and have become trendy in recent times. These videos feature sexy and attractive moms wearing tight-fitting lingerie. The videos have become increasingly popular with an audience consisting of both men and women alike. The content in lingerie mom videos often feature the moms in various sections of their house such as the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. The majority of the new lingerie mom videos come with a fun and sexy theme. While some may feature the mom playing coy and seductive, other videos could portray her a bit more daring and forward. In most cases the lingerie mom videos typically involve a lot of sexual innuendos, scenes involving the mom and a partner or a plethora of different sex toys. Several lingerie mom videos also cater to a larger audience with content including lesbians and threesomes as well. If you’re looking to spice things up in the bedroom, lingerie mom videos can be a great way to arouse both you and your partner. With the plethora of lingerie mom videos out there, it’s easy to find exactly the type of video that you prefer.