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Mom-teen movies, often also known as “taboo” films, are a popular niche in the world of pornography. This genre focuses on storylines involving a romantic or sexual relationship between a mother or stepmother and her adolescent son or stepson. In the movies, these relationships often start out playful and innocent, although they eventually evolve into sexual encounters. The dynamics between the two parties involved vary enormously; some films portray the characters as equals, while in others the mother takes a more mature, dominant role. Although the storylines and characters vary, most of these films involve themes of forbidden love, guilt, and transgression. The taboo is meant to add intensity and drama to the storyline, and to give viewers something to think and talk about after they’ve watched the movie. Many of these films also tackle cultural issues such as gender roles, power dynamics, and sexual taboos. For this reason, some critics have called them “ subversive” movies, since they challenge traditional approaches to sexuality and relationships. Like any other kind of pornography, mom-teen movies come in a variety of styles and contain varying levels of explicit content. As such, each film should be watched carefully to ensure that it is age-appropriate and does not contain anything that may be considered offensive or inappropriate.