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The idea of mother and son engaging in a sexual relationship has become increasingly popular in pornography. The so-called ‘Mom vs. Son XXX’ movies are seen as an extreme taboo by many, but some people can’t get enough of them. It is believed that this type of fantasy is sneaking in more and more, as viewers become desensitized to shock and crave something new, something they won’t find anywhere else. But what makes this kind of porn special, and why is it gaining traction? Many people feel that the same incestuous topic is forbidden fruit - an act that is so wrong it is thrilling. There’s also the underlying dominance and submission element which appeals to some. It is common to find that these videos are fairly one-sided, with the son controlling the situation. This could be a reflection of society, which is becoming increasingly patriarchal, and men are not afraid to express their dominance over their female partners. With the rise of this kind of porn, we can see many people pushing boundaries, exploring fantasies and indulging in every conceivable taboo. It appears that audiences are slowly becoming desensitized to the shock factor and are looking for new and exciting ways to express their desires. It’s not for everyone, but for some, this genre of porn is precisely what they’re looking for.