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Monster Licking XXX is a form of fetish that many porn fans enjoy. It involves women (typically) being licked by a monster of some sort, most often a creature such as a dragon or a monster from a horror movie. This type of porn often includes a bit of cosplay and a lot of imagination, as the performers often come dressed up as the creature they are meant to represent. Monster Licking XXX videos usually involve the creature using their big tongue to lick and tease the woman's body. The scenes typically start off with a little bit of innocent touching, and then progress to more intense licking, with the creature becoming more aroused and aroused in the process. This type of porn also often involves the monster biting the woman, and in some cases even consuming her. Many Monster Licking XXX videos also feature the creature in bondage situations, either willingly or not. This often involves the creature being blindfolded, handcuffed, or even chained up so that they can't escape the lickings or other BDSM play. Monster Licking XXX videos are becoming increasingly popular, as they offer a unique view into the world of fantasy and BDSM. People who enjoy this type of porn can find it quite arousing and thrilling to watch, as there is a lot of variety and creativity involved in the scenes.