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Muscle movies are action-packed flicks that feature heavily built actors and often contain some nudity. These movies typically center around muscular heroes and their heroic feats as they battle for justice and protect the innocent. Most muscle movies contain an inherent sense of male bravado and often include an inspiring message about strength and resilience. Typical plots can include mesmerizing stunts and wild fight scenes that are set on beach-like backgrounds and filled with explosions and daring heroics. Nevertheless, many muscle movies also contain a heavy dose of soft-core porn, typically featuring scantily clad women who cavort with their heroic co-stars. These scenes often include lingering shots of the female body and steamy dialogue between the actors. Even so, these titillating scenes are often central to the story and are essential to the plot. If you're in search of a movie with a good dose of action and seductive thrills, consider watching a muscle movie. It's a great way to enjoy the adrenaline rush of a thrilling plot in combination with a hint of tantalizing sensuality.