Welcome to the world of OTK spanking! Here you can enjoy a variety of movies featuring sensual spanking scenarios. Prepare to be teased, tantalized and tantalise with a range of spanking styles to bring out the most passionate of desires. Feel the heat of the scolding hand, explore the sensual act of submission. There is something here for everyone, so explore and enjoy!

Otk Spanking Best Videos (149)

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OTK Spanking XXX is a type of spanking that involves a person bending over and receiving a punishment spanking, usually over the knee of a dominant figure. This type of spanking is seen primarily in a BDSM context, as it is meant to be both arousing and disciplinary. During an OTK spanking, the person is bent over the knee, often with their pants or underwear pulled down according to how much exposure is wanted. The dominant partner then uses their hand (usually with thin gloves on) to spank the buttocks of their subject. Although creating a feeling of embarassment is often a component of this type of spanking, the primary goal is to create a feeling of arousal and pleasure. The amount of spanking and the intensity can vary greatly, depending on the preferences of both parties involved. People enjoying OTK spanking XXX may increase the intensity as the spanking session progresses, resulting in a heightened state of arousal. While OTK spanking XXX is without question a form of BDSM play, it can also be used as a means of punishment for those who engage in behavior outside of the wishes of their partner or partner(s). In such cases, the goal of said spanking is not pleasure, but rather discipline and respect. Regardless of the purpose, OTK spanking XXX is definitely a type of spanking that should not be taken lightly. Those interested in this type of BDSM play should ensure that everyone involved is comfortable and aware of the risks before starting any session.