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Pain movies are a type of pornography which involves inflicting pain on the performers in order to increase arousal. These movies usually feature intense or extreme acts of physical and/or psychological sufferance, such as spanking, whipping, slapping, and bondage. Pain movies are typically meant to be arousing and entertaining to those who enjoy such activities. Pain movies can feature numerous types of pain, such as tickling, restraints, and hot wax. This type of porn often invites viewers to join the experience by encouraging them to try new things, or get creative with their own BDSM or bondage play. Pain movies come in a variety of settings, from controlled private sessions to more public encounters, often employing different variations of sensation play. Themes related to pain movies, sometimes called “painslut” or masochistic porn, often involve humiliation, degradation, and power exchange. Although the interest in pain movies is often based on sexual pleasure, for some people, watching such movies is an exploration of power dynamics and self-expression. It may also be a way to navigate more extreme fantasy scenarios from the safety of the viewer’s own home. Just like with any other type of porn, pain movies should be explored within one’s own comfort level and safety. Both partners involved should make sure they are on the same page with expectations, boundaries, and safety protocols. There are also plenty of educational resources available to help everyone understand how to safely and enjoyably engage in these activities.