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Queen Lilith is a Canadian-American adult film studio that specializes in queer and trans media. The company was founded in 2020 by director and producer Kristel Penn, an award-winning film and television veteran. The studio produces feature-length and short films, web series and educational content, with a focus on creating inclusive, sex-positive and feminist narratives that center the lives and stories of queer, trans and other genders and sexualities. The studio is named after Lilith, a figure in Jewish mythology who is said to be the first woman. The name reflects Penn's commitment to celebrating female empowerment and diversity in adult media. Queen Lilith's films feature characters from across the gender, sexuality, identity and body type spectrum, and showcase the erotic potential of physical and emotional intimacy regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Key to their aesthetic is an emphasis on embodiment, connection and pleasure, as well as respect for actors, crew and experiences of their viewers. Their feature-length films include titles such as Real Butch and Butch Femme, which focus on the complexities of being an out and proud butch lesbian and of being in love with a gender-nonconforming person. Other titles explore topics as varied as polyamory, pregnancy and abortion, BDSM, and transgender identity. Queen Lilith also produces acclaimed web series such as Lust & Lace, a docu-series focusing on the challenges and joys of successful relationships between transgender women and cisgender men. Air Sex, a comedy web series, explores hook-up culture, dating, and polyamory. The studio's most recent productions include Tales of Craftmas, an anthology of nine short films about the joys, pains, and evolution of craft making, and Universe: Total, a series focusing on sex-tech, chemistry, and modern queer culture. Queen Lilith is dedicated to creating unique and diverse adult content that promotes pleasure, communication and consent, and celebrates the diversity of its performers. Their commitment to diversity, feminism and inclusivity has been recognized at various adult awards, including the Feminist Porn Awards, the XBIZ Awards and the AVN Awards.