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Sabrina Steele is an adult film actress who has been in the industry for almost three decades and is best known for her appearances in many of the world's most iconic adult films. Having first entered the adult film industry in 1989, Steele quickly established herself as one of the biggest stars of the time. After years of appearing in some of the biggest X-rated films, Steele quickly became one of the most popular adult film stars of all time. Some of the more notable Sabrina Steele movies include, In Spectator (1995), Ass Assearth (1995), Bachelor of Porn (1999), Where The Boys Ain’t (2001), and Venereal Game (2001). Steele has also been featured in many adult video compilations and has appeared on some of the most famous adult news and review sites like Sex Z Pictures, Sexually Inflicted, and the Erotic Icon. Steele's performances are glamorous and seductive, and her unique look and style are not easily replicated. Steele has always pushed boundaries and created raunchy and exciting scenes that viewers can't help but watch. In the world of adult films, Sabrina Steele will always be remembered as one of the original, iconic stars.