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Sali porn refers to a type of pornographic material that features Somali women in sexually explicit situations. It is an extreme fetishization of Somali women, where they are depicted as promiscuous, exotic and hypersexualized. This type of porn often contains racially-charged language and images, which can make it difficult for many Somali people to find safe and empowering spaces online. Sali porn has been criticized for reinforcing negative stereotypes about Somali women, and creating a damaging image of them as sexual objects in the public imagination. This can result in real-world pressures to conform to the extreme standard of beauty and sexuality portrayed in sali porn, as well as various forms of discrimination. Yet for some Somali women, sali porn allows them to reclaim their own sexuality. Through sali porn, they can explore fantasies and build self-esteem and confidence in an environment that respects their cultural identity and embraces their body. It can also be used to start important conversations about feminism and consent, and create a more positive image of Somali women in the media.