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Group sex is a popular form of adult entertainment and is a type of porn where multiple people engage in sexual activity with each other. This can range from two people in a threesome or foursome to a larger group engaging in an orgy or gangbang. Group sex scenes provide viewers with the visual stimulation of watching multiple people engaging in sexual activity at the same time. This often includes oral sex, anal sex, fingering, and other sex acts. As more people become involved, often the intensity of the scene increases. This can lead to more passionate expressions of enjoyment as the participants reach climax. Group sex also offers viewers greater variety, with a range of different body types, genders, and ages visible in the same scene. This can be a huge turn-on for some viewers, especially when the diverse participants are interacting with each other in a passionate and intimate way. When it comes to safety, it’s important that viewers look for videos that have been shot responsibly. Most porn creators will ensure that condoms, dental dams, and other protective gear are used to keep all performers safe from infection and disease. In addition, viewers should remember that everyone involved in group sex scenes should be of legal age, and no one should be coerced into participating in the activity. If you’re looking for group sex porn, there’s plenty available online, with a variety of genres and fetishes to explore. Whether you’re into threesomes, group masturbation, orgies, or anything else, you’re bound to find something to suit your preferences. Enjoy!