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Whether you are a fan of watching solo amateur movies, or you are just curious about them, solo amateur movies offer something special that is not available with studio-produced porn. Solo amateur movies feature real people, who use their own equipment, and film themselves in their own homes or other locations of their own choosing. The performers are often not trained in acting or professional camera work and editing techniques, but the result is often a more realistic, intimate viewing experience. Solo amateur movies can be a great way to explore kinks and fantasies. Since solo amateur movies are often unscripted, they give you the opportunity to see people expressing a much wider range of sexuality than is usually seen in studio porn. Even if you do not share the same exact kinks, being able to see two or more people engaged in a consensual activity can be a sexy, alternative view into sex that you might not experience anywhere else. Solo amateur movies also offer something special in terms of consent. Many studio-produced porn videos feature scripts, directions, and often times, someone off camera telling the performers what to do. When you watch a solo amateur movie, you can be sure that the performers are engaging in activities of their own choosing, and are genuinely enjoying what they are doing. This is an important factor to consider when thinking about the ethics of porn. If you have never watched solo amateur movies before, now is a great time to dive in. There are plenty of free websites, as well as more intimate, paid options available. Whether you are looking for an educational experience, a way to explore different sexual fantasies, or just a more realistic and intimate view into sex, solo amateur movies are worth exploring.