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Sounding xxx is a type of sexual pleasure derived from inserting a thin metal rod into the urethral cavity of the penis or other body parts. Most who experiment with sounding use a variety of different rods, some with a smooth tip, others with an S-shape, and a few with a bent or angled tip. Sounding rods come in either steel, polycarbonates, and silicone, but they all have one thing in common – they make you feel extra special during sexual play. The vast majority of people find the sensation of sounding pleasurable as the metals used are highly educated and slide effortlessly, along with providing a pleasant sensation on the way back out. The feeling of being deep within yourself is often considered to be satisfying and even meditative. In contrast, some people may find the sensation uncomfortable, but, like any activity, it should be practiced safely and responsibly. Due to the nature of the activity, safety should always be a priority. Before engaging in sounding practice, make sure you have the right tools, like lube and clamps, and always talk to a medical professional if you have any concerns. Many also find it enjoyable to view and audition porn while sounding as they can fantasize about what they’re doing while being able to watch others who practice it and learn more tips and tricks. Porn involving sounding is plentiful and can be found on popular sites and watching it can be the perfect way to explore and enhance the experience for both partners.