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Bootylicius Kimber Woods bought a fucking machine and she is happy to test is. Ah that big dildo attached to the machine is pounding her pussy, she is spanking her ass so hard that it\'s all red.

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Spanking machine videos are a popular genre of porn that involve the use of a machine to deliver spanking punishment to the performer. The machine may be a self-contained unit or a motorized device operated by a remote-control. Many machines feature adjustable speeds, intensities and patterns of spanking, as well as a variety of paddles and whips ranging from plastic and cloth to leather and metal. The videos typically involve a “victim” and a “punisher.” The victim is usually a fully nude female, although in some videos, more than one person may be subjected to the machine. Some videos involve story elements, such as a teacher punishing a naughty student, or a boss punishing a lazy employee. Other videos are simply a sexual fantasy enacted through the use of the machine. Depending on the machine, the punishment can range from sensual spanking to intense, intense thrashing. The intensity can be adjusted to found just the right level of sensation, depending on the individual’s preferences. There are literally thousands of spanking machine videos available to choose from, so the viewer is sure to find something that is just her, his or their taste. Some videos are playful and light-hearted, others can be quite intense and explicit. Whatever you’re in the mood for, there’s likely a spanking machine video to please all tastes.