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This fierce little fox has hots for her landlord, so she makes up an excuse to make him stop by, and it\'s time for her to make a move. That tight little puss gets torn to pieces by his giant throbbing cock.

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Spanking movies are a popular niche within adult entertainment that focus on the physical punishment of one individual by another. They range in fetish level, from playful spankings between partners to hardcore BDSM-style punishing. Spanking movies typically feature a dominant figure spanking their submissive partner either as a punishment for wrongdoing or as part of a sexual exchange. The dominant partner usually has the role of teacher or master, with the submissive partner being the student or slave. The spanking may involve curious “apprentices” learning discipline or getting humiliated. The spanking sessions may vary from light, playful slaps to hard, passionate thrashings. In many cases, household items like paddles and wooden spoons are used as tools for spanking. Some movies also involve role-playing, as the partners act out fantasy scenarios and create unique stories utilizing spanking as a form of erotic foreplay. Spanking movies are very popular among viewers interested in domination, submission and BDSM. While it is not for everyone, some viewers find spanking to be an intensely pleasurable experience, a great way to add spice to their sex lives and explore the boundaries of their desires.