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Uber porn - it’s a new genre that’s been gaining traction in adult entertainment. It’s a mashup of two popular genres – voyeurism and porn – that results in high levels of arousal and a unique perspective that’s impossible to ignore. Uber porn is centered around creating scenarios that draw in the voyeurism element of porn, as though the camera is an Uber driver and the viewer is a passenger taking a ride. This style of porn allows for an intimate experience as the viewer is invited to take part in the action. The Uber element involves the viewer taking in more of the scenes beyond the sexual acts. Scenes depict the Uber driver and his passengers talking, flirting, and interacting with each other. This creates a fascinating dynamic of voyeurism, as viewers get to experience what goes on inside an Uber. The scenario typically involves a female passenger and male Uber driver and as the passenger is picked up, they start flirting, talkii and eventually lead to a sexy encounter. This adds an erotic twist to the voyeuristic concept of uber porn. Uber porn is a new way to view adult entertainment that offers a unique perspective and thrilling intensity. If you’re looking for something a little different then this might be the genre for you.